A car has crashed into a school in Elche at what has been described as a notorious accident black spot.
The accident occurred on Wednesday when a car collided with the wall of King’s College infant school in Elche, near Martínez Valeo stadium. After the crash it was revealed that local residents have been complaining for months about the danger of the junction in question. In fact, Councillor for Infrastructure Héctor Díez announced just last month that a provisional roundabout would be installed in an attempt to reduce accidents.
Luckily, no one was injured in the incident which took place at 4.20pm on Wednesday. The junction had been reported as dangerous in the past as many roads converge at one point and cause confusion to drivers. In September of last year, local residents wrote to the town hall with their concerns along with a number of photographs of accidents that happen at the black spot. An accident occurred just last week when two cars collided before this week’s incident of a car hitting the school.
The school itself issued a statement about the incident, clarifying that the accident had not caused injuries and that the damage done to one of the classrooms will be repaired as soon as possible. The damaged classroom was secured and the school opened as normal the day after the accident. The school’s statement said, “The safety of our students and teaching staff is our priority, so some of the classes will be relocated as a measure of prevention.”