Cafe Vienna in Almoradi recently hosted an ‘afternoon delight’ of chocolate and pure indulgence.
Chocolate lovers were treated to a chocolate fountain with marshmallows, fruit and cheese, washed
down by a glass of cava. The charity event was organised by Heather and Derek, owners of the bar, in
aid of local charity, Huntington's Disease Association, Costa Blanca and raised an incredible 223 euros.
The next charity event for Huntington's Disease will be an “Auction of Items and Promises” to be held
at El Castillo, Calle San Fulgencio in La Marina on Saturdy 9 th June. The entry price is just 8 euros,
including supper. All items are new and have been donated by local businesses, including a Barcelona
football, signed by this season's first team players.
If you own a business and would like to donate an item to this worthwhile charity, or pledge some
time to offer a service that can be auctioned on the night, such as, gardening, painting and
decorating, hairdressing, makeovers, gym passes, will making, then please contact, or telephone 634 905 249.
Huntington's Disease, which is often called HD, is a hereditary disorder of the central nervous system.
It is a terminal illness affecting both men and women, which destroys the pathways between the
brain and the rest of the body, causing a very wide range of symptoms, including uncontrollable
movements, loss of speech and ability to swallow, incontinence and loss of memory function, as well
as depression and changes in personality. There is currently no cure.
Any child of an affected parent has a 50 per cent risk of inheriting the affected gene. Anyone
inheriting the affected gene will develop HD.
If you would like more information about HD, or are interested in helping this worthwhile local
charity, then please contact Marion Smith on 634 905 249, or