As children look towards the new school year with dread and parents with
relief, spare a thought for those who might be turning up at school without the
basic pencils and pens that others take for granted. Carmens Bar in El
Chaparral are collecting stationery for the children at San José Obrero
Orphanage who otherwise might struggle to find themselves equipped for the
new school year.
The orphanage in Orihuela currently caters for 70 children and 80% of the
running cost is covered through donations. The orphanage is home to children
from 6 to 18 years of age who have been abandoned by their families or who,
for various reasons, do not have a family who can take care of them.
The home is run by the church and they do their best to recreate a family
atmosphere. They also have a day centre with 24 children where the children
are looked after only during the day after which they return home. When they
reach the age of 18 the young people still can’t count on the help of any family
so they are allocated some space in one of the flats to assist them in their
transition to adult life. The aim of the centre is to ensure the future for the
children, enabling them to settle in society and have the skills they need.
Carmen’s Bar are raising money for starter packs for the children to take to
school. The children need basic items such as pens, pencils, rulers, pencil
cases and rubbers. If you would like to help you are asked to either donate
money or purchase some items to hand in at Carmens Bar. These will then be
transported to the home itself.
Julie and her team are delighted by the number of donations that have been
made and are also raising money through holding raffles. They would like to
thank everyone who has already donated towards this very good cause and
asks that the donations keep on coming. With 70 children needing stocking up
for the school year, every item is welcome.