The Councillor for Street Cleaning Dámaso Aparicio has announced that work is starting to intensively clean the beaches, promenades and the periphery areas on Orihuela Costa. This is part of the current contract which ends on 7th August. Procedures to re-tender the contract are already underway, approved by the Local Government Board last week.
This contract has a maximum award amount of € 532,491.43 and comprises an initial duration of one year and four months, with the possibility of being extended for two more years.
Councillor Aparicio said: “We are aware of the importance of the beaches as a tourist engine of the municipality and we continue to work on increasing the satisfaction of our visitors and residents.”
“With regard to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have doubled the cleaning work, and for this reason we have planned this new contract to guarantee the continuity and improvement of the service.”
This new contract will include beach cleaning including tractor cleaning with driver included, sand screening, oxygenation in sandy areas and levelling the beaches. It also includes the hiring of personnel necessary to change and empty bins, clean promenades, remove rubbish from sand-dunes and coves and high seasonal clean the periphery environment. On the beaches of la Caleta, Cala Bosque and Glea-Campoamor, the service that has been provided since Easter and will last until 12th October.
The new contract continues to make provision for the collection, loading and transportation to the treatment centre of Posidonia Oceánica. This is an endemic species of the shallow waters of the Mediterranean and although it is commonly known as algae, it is not an algae but a marine superior plant. It is a marine phanerogam, a plant with flowers, fruits and seeds and can be naturally found washed up on beaches.