Following the confiscation last year of thousands of illegal goods, some of these have now been handed out by the police to children at Torrevieja hospital as well as some local charities. Many of the confiscated items had to be destroyed because they copied brand names and were counterfeit. However, those that were not and were considered to be of sufficient quality could be given away instead of being destroyed.
Altogether there were 15,000 items that fell into this category and were able to be kept in use. The rest were destroyed last month. The parish Cáritas have been responsible for distributing the items which included around thirty toys. These were wrapped in paper by the police and delivered to the emergency units and paediatric wing of thehospital.
It is the GRO branch of the local police who have been active in tracking down illegal traders. This business causes much anger amongst those legal shop owners who compete with goods sold on the street without any additional cost to the sellers. Most of the seizures were made during the summer months when the men are seen on the paseos with their goods displayed on sheets and blankets.
The hospital also received gifts and donations following the collection at the local fire station and as a result of activities organised by the Social Welfare department. Every attempt has been made to ensure that children from disadvantaged homes have not been left with a toy at Christmas.