Commit warning of the "uncontrolled proliferation of small improvised landfills" on the Coast. The
training has been echoed through complaints from many neighbors to what they consider "neglect"
of the municipal government.
The secretary of Compromís by Orihuela, Martin Borislavov, has publicly denounced "the lack of
control of the City Council while garbage increase year after year" in the coastal area. In addition, he
assured that "residents have to suffer the consequences of having a few meters from their homes
piles of garbage, remnants of pruning, abandoned furniture, etc.".
The local secretary of the Monica Oltra ensures that although the number of people on the coast
increases, services are still "insufficient", and also that "the accumulation of waste from pruning,
debris, furniture and all kinds of garbage has been aggravated, the result of the ineffectiveness of
the municipal government that already knows that there are some times of the year in which this is
a very serious problem in Orihuela Costa and even then, nothing has been done during the entire
legislature to remedy it " .
In this sense, Borislavov has also warned of the "danger posed in case of fire, to place these
accumulations of waste a few meters from homes" so he calls for "immediate actions before the
arrival of the hottest months."
"It is shameful that the inhabitants of Orihuela Costa have to live with these piles of garbage in our
environment and see that both the mayor of Environment, Miguel Ángel Fernández, and the
Councilor for Coordination of Services of the Coast, Luisa Boné Campillo, and the Councilor for Urban
Waste, Damaso Aparicio, have no intention of giving solutions, so both Popular Party and Citizens
have given up on studying any alternative, "said Secretary of Compromis.
Finally, Martin Borislavov has urged the City of Orihuela to conduct a feasibility study and
functionality of clean points to start up places where the population can dispossess free of charge
and safely waste. This, as noted, will be in the Compromís Orihuela program for the upcoming
municipal elections, as they believe the creation of "minimum an ecopark for Orihuela Costa".