On 9th November 2017 a town hall worker was involved in a small accident whilst travelling on the moped provided for her by the town hall. At a roundabout, the moped slipped and the police attended the incident. On inspection of the vehicle they issued a fine for the ITV (MOT) being out-of-date.
Now, the town hall worker, who is part of the parks and grounds team, has presented the fine to the town hall, insisting that it is their responsibility to pay this, rather than hers. The debate continues as to who should pick up the bill for the missed ITV. According to the town hall, it is the responsibility of the employee using the vehicle to ensure that it is roadworthy and that its documents are in order.
The fine was for €200 or €100 for early payment and the driver of the moped paid the fine. However, she decided to apply for a refund from the town hall as they actually owned the vehicle. However, this was refused on the basis that the law does not allow for this type of payment in this way.
The debate continues. Some feel that a fine issued for non-compliance with traffic regulations such as speeding or jumping a red light should be the responsibility of the driver but that the maintenance of the vehicle should be the responsibility of the owner.
This isn’t the first time that such a confusion has arisen. In October a town council employee was fined €80 when delivering documentation in Alicante on town hall business. The driver had not obtained the ticket needed to leave the vehicle in the blue zone. However, on this occasion the decision was made that the fine would be paid by the town hall. Who exactly is responsible for picking up the tab seems to be rather unclear.