The subject of opening and activity licences in Torrevieja continues. Now it’s
the Eras de la Sal that’s in the spotlight. The Eras de la Sal is the old part of
town where many concerts and outdoor events take place, including the
international Habaneras choral competition.
There now seems to be uncertainty as to whether the area has the necessary
activity licence to host the events that it currently does. The use of the Eras de
la Sal has become particularly important as the previous location for many
events, the Municipal Theatre, remains closed.
According to a report from the town planning department, a license is
necessary and currently is not in place. The activity licence guarantees that a
public show has the minimum safety and evacuation measures along with the
correct insurance, medical cover and private security. This applies whoever
the show is organised by, whether it is a private company or a town hall
The delay in the performance of La Unión and the cancellation of the Luz
Casal concerts are believed to have been linked to this controversy. With
more concerts to come, including that of Kiko Veneno and Los Secretos on
Friday, it is hoped that the confusion is rectified soon.