The Guardia Civil has broken up an organisation who have been cultivating marijuana in Alicante province. The organisation was a large and well-established group who were responsible for growing up to 80,000 plants a year in different locations across the area.
In order to provide electricity to their plantations they connected into the supply beneath pavements in what was a sophisticated operation. The Guardia Civil has arrested five men, four of whom are Dutch, a Dutch woman and a Moroccan. All those arrested are between 39 and 46 years old.
The operation began in August when the Guardia Civil raided one source of the plants and began to realise that this was a network on a grand scale. Many of the plantations were located inside houses and altogether it is believed that around 20 houses have been used to cultivate the plants.
Not only did the organisation grow the plants, they also cultivated their own seeds. The small plants that resulted were then distributed amongst the farms across the province. It is believed that the majority of the drugs were in fact exported to the Netherlands, with some also being distributed in Germany and Belgium.
The farms used systems to control the temperature and humidity and also had sophisticated alarms to alert the men to any intruder. In one of the raided houses they found a semi automatic pistol with silencer, more than 7,500 euros, jewellery, watches and two luxury vehicles.
Six people have now been arrested and charged with the illegal possession of firearms, drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal organisation and three crimes of using electricity power illegally.