A 66 year old Russian cyclist lost his life in a fatal hit and run which took place in Torrevieja on Tuesday last. The incident took place shortly before 4pm just before the northbound exit for the ‘Park of Nations’. The car allegedly involved in the incident was driven by a 33 year old British man.
Medical crews arrived at the scene but were unable to do anything to save the man’s life, having been thrown several metres by the impact of the car, his injuries are thought to have proved fatal. An autopsy will be carried out to determine the cause of death.
The driver later handed himself in at Rojales police station. His car is believed to have evidence of damage to the front window.
The incident occurred in a notorious black spot for accidents and congestion with a large volume of traffic throughout the year and especially in July when huge tailbacks are often witnessed. Overtaking is not allowed with a continuous double line indicating so, which runs for eight kilometres along the stretch of road. The fatal accident took place a few meters from a section considered a ‘black point’ due to the frequency of serious accidents by the Ministry of Public Works.