It is always busy at Finca Castellana in San Miguel, but the last few months have been particularly manic. The cattery team has been inundated with requests for help with feral cats and kittens. They rescued a kitten, which was on its way to the airport…in a car engine! They also had to scale a chimney to retrieve a Mummy cat that had given birth to three kittens inside of the chimney and were unable to get out.
In addition, the volunteers have just started a project called ‘The Green Mile’ to raise funds to pay for the release of dogs and puppies from Cereco where they are waiting to be put down. Up to date the charity has rescued 34 dogs and re-homed 29. It intends to make this a permanent project helping as many dogs as possible from certain death.
One of the volunteers, Beccie said: “After years of rescuing hundreds of animals, people’s cruelty still shocks us all sometimes. Eight, one-week-old puppies, were dumped in a shop doorway, tied up in a plastic bag. Luckily for them, a group of youngsters came across them and took the bag straight to their Mum, who contacted us just in the nick of time. “Unbeknown to the dumper, the shop had CCTV and the man in question was identified and the police sent to his house. We are now awaiting a court date for the man to be prosecuted for cruelty. The great news is, all of the eight puppies have gone to a forever home.”
More good news came for the charity as Finca Castellana opened its new charity shop in the Filton Centre, Los Balcones, open Monday to Friday, 10-3.30pm. For more information or to make a donation please see Finca la Castellana on facebook, visit: or call Janette on 610451133.