How’s everyone doing in lockdown – we are moving into week 7 and for a lot of people settling into a routine has been easy, yet for others its extremely hard with no freedom and structure.

This week we are going to talk about food and our relationship with food, as I know from many enquiries this is bothering a lot of people. In these uncertain times some of us are over indulging, treats, sweets, cooking, more homemade puddings and cakes. Comforting eating at the time feels great, but when the pounds start creeping on it doesn’t feel so good. Research shows that the average person will gain approximately 15/20 lbs in lockdown! This means, for a lot of women especially, our clothes will no longer fit!
Keep a journal to show over the next few days what you are eating – include snacks, drinks and alcohol too. You will be surprised how much you are eating through boredom. After analysing your eating habits, make the changes you want to make. Because we are more sedentary at the moment it is quite easy to drop from 3 to 2 meals a day. We do not need the additional meal as our body is not needing this for fuel. Try taking your 1st meal at 12 and your second between 5 and 6 pm.

It takes 21 days for your body to change or break free from habit. This makes it possible to change your tastebuds reaction to sugar, alcohol levels, sugary drinks, cakes, pastries. Thereafter the changes can not only show on your waistline but also in your tastebuds too! Those 21 days can be very hard but persevere if you want to see and feel results.

Another tip is to try intermittent fasting, which means you eat for 8 hours and give your body a break for 16 hours allowing it to digest properly, heal and repair. So for example if you no longer have anything to eat after 8 pm, your next meal would be at midday the following day giving you a 16 hour break. It takes a little practice but the health benefits are amazing internally.

You will have to dig deep and tap into all of your inner strengths to make these changes, there has never been a better time to feed your body nutritious foods, you have the time to learn to heal your body of any abuse with food issues, treat your gut with kindness and let it heal internally to help you through these times, by feeding your gut nutritious healthy foods, you are improving your kidney function, your liver and your lungs, strengthening your heart and improving your immune system which now more than ever in our lives is crucial to fight off disease.

Be kind to yourself, you are the boss….tell yourself that you can do this and take Action…Think…Act…Interact positively, this helps you to produce serotonin to help you feel better and more positive.

Try to exercise – do two home classes a day, not just for your physical health, but also your mental health. Try a cardio one in a morning and a more relaxed yoga class or stretching exercises early evening. This will also help with your sleep pattern, also producing serotonin to help your mood balance and make your feel stronger and happier. Nobody is going to stop over with a delivery of a new body, but by making little changes to your lifestyle in lockdown, you can make such a difference.

The most important thing is your mindset, if you change your mindset and you want to follow through these changes you will succeed. Try not to treat it as a diet, I personally don’t like diets. Just stay positive, make little changes, journal by writing each meal, snacks and drinks down as this is proven to help you see where you are going wrong on weak days and put you back on track.

But most of all embrace the changes you make with positivity and helping yourself achieve a healthier body. It sounds easy and it truly is with the right mindset. If anybody needs any help further with nutrition, call Changes on 608829558. I am a well being coach, clinical hypnotherapist, Counselling, and pain practicioner. Also if anyone is struggling with any other issues stress, anxiety, unwanted feelings, please call in the strictest of confidence. All online appointments through lockdown are half price to help everyone stay safe and well.

Finally if anyone feels they need help with changing their mindset, please call Changes and in 1 to 2 sessions we can do this for you. Hypnotherapy works so much quicker than conventional therapies, taking you to the root cause and giving you the results you want immediately. From a weight loss approach if anybody would like further help and advice please call Changes for a free confidential chat. Stay safe everyone.