Game changing Covid-19 tests
Good news for people in the UK as MPs have been told that ‘game changing’ Covid-19 testing kits could be available in a matter of days.
The tests, which in appearance look very similar to pregnancy tests, could be ordered online or taken at high street outlets such as Boots the chemist.
Professor Sharon Peacock, director of the National Infection Service at Public Health England, has revealed that millions of these simple test kits have been ordered and could be used “in the near future”.
The aim is that the tests would show whether an individual had antibodies for COVID-19 which, if they did, would mean they could return to work if they were not showing symptoms.
Evidence suggests people cannot catch coronavirus twice in quick succession, if they have already been infected and recovered, the government has said.
The World Health Organisation has urged countries to step up testing in the global fight against coronavirus.