The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, has asked for authorisation from
the official school of architects to sign the ‘end of work’ certificate for el teatro
municipal. This is the certificate which is required before the opening
certificate or ‘licencia de apertura’ can be obtained.
The mayor explained that during the time that the theatre has been closed the
technicians have been working on the project to ensure that it can open with
all the necessary licences that it must have. ‘We haven’t been sleeping,’ he
explains. ‘But we had to do what was required. We didn’t want the theatre to
be closed either.’
The town hall has now told Acciona, to move ahead as quickly as possibly
with obtaining the opening licence. Finally it looks as though we are nearly at
the point where the town could see the reopening of its much-needed theatre.
Even when all the licences are obtained, it won’t just be the case of the
theatre immediately opening its doors. It has been closed for a while now and
will require a lick of paint and a deep clean to ensure that it is ready to
welcome the public.