Six schools took part in Torrevieja’s celebration of the international day of the
child on Monday 20 th November.
The mayor reminded everyone at the end of the performance that although
there has been progress, on this day we should remember those children who
are still denied their rights and remain disadvantaged. ‘We must work every
day for their welfare and development.’
Altogether there are 54 children’s rights recognised by the Children’s Rights
Convention. The evening’s entertainment was opened by children from Cuba
Primary school who sang a song about some of these rights. The Alpe school
includes children with disabilities and thirteen boys and girls from here danced
and used sign language to protest against discrimination.
Five pupils from IES Mediterráneo became ‘doctors’ for the evening to provide
advice on living a healthy life. Their performance, based on article 24 of the
convention, reminded the audience of the rights that all children have to
receive healthcare.
Acequión Primary School had constructed a magic machine to provide
solutions to problems and representatives across the age range from five
years old offered ideas for making the world a better place.
The fourteen pupils from Salvador Ruso Primary School sang about
discrimination to a piano accompaniment from one of their teachers. Finally,
Ciudad del Mar closed the event with a shadow theatre production with nine
students portraying the fear and anguish in which victims of bullying can live
their lives.