On Monday 24th June it was the San Luis/ La Siesta neighbourhood watch meeting held at Casa Ventura. Once more there was a good turnout for the meeting which was the last before the summer break. The agenda included an update on criminal activity in the area as well as information about police arrests.
The charity Help At Home and Clinica Siesta gave presentations to the group, letting them know about the services they offer and how people can access them. At every meeting, there are opportunities not only to share concerns, ask questions and raise points for discussion but also to receive information about local support groups and services such as these.
Also on the agenda were the recent local council elections. The group were informed of councillor appointments in the newly elected council. Councillor Carmen Morate and the previous director of the Foreigners Office, Carlos Gonzales, had been previously attending meetings and providing updates on a number of different subjects of interest and importance to the English-speaking community. The hope was expressed that this previous good relationship would continue with the new council, ensuring good communication and support for the community.
Following the change of local government Carlos and Carmen are no longer responsible for the foreigners’ office. They are both on the local council but in opposition rather than part of the government team. It had been hoped that representatives from the new Foreigners’ Office team might have been present to reassure local residents and inform them of their availability and plans for the future.
After the summer break it is planned that there will be a visit from Consular representatives from Alicante who will be able to give more up to date information about Brexit and what British nationals living in Spain can expect. The San Luis/ La Siesta NHW Facebook page will continue over the summer and members can continue to receive email support. The next meeting is on 30th September at Casa Ventura at 4.30pm.