We’re into the summer season and last minute plans are being made to do something about the wooden walkway along La Mata beach front. Work has begun to repair this section of the beach promenade which has been closed to the public. Now, the town council has received authorisation from the Costa’s provincial service to remove the iron railing that separates the walkway from the beach.
A new railing will not be installed. Instead other means will be used of marking out the pedestrian zone from the beach itself. The current mayor of the town, Eduardo Dolón was quick to blame the previous four years of government for the poor state of the planks on the paseo and the need to close it to the public.
Of course, it should be remembered that the gradual deteriorationof the walkway did not just happen in the last four years. For many years there has been a patching up process when what was really needed was for the whole structure to be replaced. A variety of political hurdles, including the difficulties of negotiating with provincial authorities, has held up restoration work.
The closure of this promenade has not only affected those that use it to get from A to B but also the ten catering establishments that operate along it and the kiosks on the beach. La Mata beach lost the blue flag accreditation that it has usually been given and this has been cited as the main reason. What is most important now is that something is done to enable the paseo to be used again.