La Mata might officially be classified as part of Torrevieja, but it also has some of its own distinct facilities, including its own branch of the town hall. However, residents there have felt for many years that they are the forgotten neighbour when it comes to the provision of services and some have even called for La Mata to be registered as a town in its own right.
Now, the latest concerns voiced relate to the town hall in La Mata itself. Those using it claim that councillors in Torrevieja have forgotten the public building and that it is being neglected in comparison to other buildings in Torrevieja, for example.
Some of their concerns include the lack of provision of drinking water, toilet facilities that remain unrepaired and unusable, an automatic door that doesn’t work properly and air conditioning that doesn’t work. Some of these deficiencies mean that those working there sometimes have to abandon their stations, to get a drink, go to the toilet or just to cool down.
Due to the type of windows on the upper floors, council workers sometimes feel torn between opening them for ventilation or keeping them closed for security reasons. There are also problems with the internet and telephone lines meaning that sometimes workers resort to using their own mobiles to make necessary calls.
Now, demands for the repair and maintenance of these offices are growing, amid allegations of neglect of this council building