La Vuelta cycle race is to set off from the salt work in Torrevieja. This
momentous event has triggered the clearing up of a pile of rubbish and
abandoned objects in the salt works. Over the course of the last week it is
estimated that 155 tonnes of debris, including wood, has been removed. A
dump that has taken decades to accumulate.
The rubbish was located near Torreta Florida and is part of the salt works
land. It was previously used for industrial purposes but has lain abandoned for
a while, leaving it open for use as a dump for anything that couldn’t be found a
place elsewhere.
The clear up campaign followed an inspection conducted by the
environmental department in January. Much of the rubbish comes from the
updating of the salt work and new machinery and equipment that has been
installed over the last 60 to 80 years.
A company who are experts in the clearing of heavy machinery were given
the job of removing the waste which was then separated into different types
for the purpose of recycling where possible. It is estimated that around 120
tonnes of rubble and another 35 tonnes of wood from old boats and
installations, has been removed.
The rubbish was spread over 10,000 square metres in an area closed to
public use. The next stage in the clean up campaign is to plant some natural
vegetation which is in keeping with the Torrevieja lakes. The area is in fact
within the natural park of Lagunas de Torrevieja.
It was expected that the waste removal might take longer but now 95% of it
has been shifted and the work will be completed in good time for the cycle
race. The area should look a great deal better by the time La Vuelta takes
place in August.