► The company will supply ozone disinfection equipment free of chargeto more than 800 workshops to its network in Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

► The insurer, thus protects the health and safety of its clientsthanks to this thorough disinfection of the customer’s car as well as courtesy cars.

► With this measure, Liberty wants to help the business continuity of the SMEs, with theirnetwork of workshops, which have been considered, by the Spanish Government, as an essential service.

Liberty, in the perspective generated by Covid-19 inEurope, and with the aim of continuing to protect its clients against the unexpected, and to make them feel safe, is offering its clients, completely free disinfection of theirvehicles, after each repair, in its network of trusted workshops.

The goal of this action, is for Liberty customers to feel safe,knowing that they can take their vehiclesto any workshop in Liberty’s network with complete peace of mind, knowing that they will be thoroughly disinfected before delivery. This ozonedisinfection service will also be carried out on courtesy cars.

This initiative is launched in the European countries where the company offers car insurance: Spain, Ireland and Portugal, under the Liberty, Genesis and Regal brands.

“At Liberty we want to pre-empt the needs that people may have. We now live in new circumstances, that has transformed many of our habits and concerns, especially in terms of prevention and hygiene. In this way, we want to support our network of workshops, with these ozone disinfection machines, thus guaranteeing the continuity of their business, and putting people first, protecting the safety and health of our customers”, explains María Eugenia Muguerza, Executive Director of Operations for Liberty.

The impact of this action will be even greater, given that all the people who come to the Liberty Seguros workshop network, regardless of whether or not they are customers of the brand, will benefit from the ozone disinfection machines that Liberty will provide freeof charge to more than 800 establishments.

In addition, this initiative is intended that all these workshops can continue their business in these difficult times, since they have always been strategic partnersfor the insurer.

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