The two business associations in Orihuela Costa, OC Avanza and The Strip Business Association have issued this statement in response to the de-escalation plans announced by the Spanish government.

“Phases 1 and 2 of the proposed de-escalation plan presented by President Pedro Sánchez this week is not practical, since most of the terraces of the bars and restaurants are very small, the “plan” as proposed will destroy 90 percent of companies related to tourism in Orihuela Costa. We urge the government, in relation to the bars and restaurants of this tourist destination, to go directly to Phase 3 on 11th or 18th May.
Some companies may choose not to reopen for a month or more until after flights from the UK and Ireland are restored to near normal levels. The confinement has left the companies and workers’ livelihoods in Orihuela Costa in ruins with little or no financial help to date. Most businesses are still expected to pay the rent with no income. We ask the government to financially support companies and their workers so that they can feasibly reopen.”

Given the new announcement all businesses are currently assessing exactly how they can open and operate under the new rules of reduced capacity to accommodate social distancing and protective and preventative measures such as Perspex screens, temperature monitoring and regular disinfecting of kitchens and eating spaces.
Experts believe that these measures, as opposed to being temporary, are more likely to become the new normal at least until a vaccine is generally available.