Orihuela City Council has reported that the entire Orihuela Local Police force has been mobilised to guarantee security measures and that people strictly comply with the state of alarm and the guidelines of mobility that have been implemented by the Government.
Police headquarters suspended all leave for police officers under its charge from Friday, 1st May to ensure public controls could be intensified, morning, noon and night to ensure the new guidelines are not flouted in the city, the districts or on the coast.
In addition to ensuring that people stick to their allocated tie outside and are not gathering in groups or trying to use beaches and parks which remain closed, officers will also complete vehicle checks. Drivers will be asked for the documentation to verify their place of residence and the reasons why they are out of the house. This is to discourage unauthorised movements, especially people trying to relocate to a second residence.
Police will be checking that children are only accompanied by one adult and that dog walking is now done within the timeframe that is relevant for the owner to be talking time outside. Local athletes are also reminded that they need to train within the government stipulations, and this is another area officers will be checking for compliance.
Police are appealing to the responsibility of locals and reminds people that we are only in Phase 0 of the de-escalation and that confinement has not ended with the introduction of daily walks.