Councillor for the environment in Torrevieja, Fanny Serrano, has organised a
classical music concert to take place on the 28 th July in the natural park. The
orchestra will play in the zone known as La Pinada del Parque Natural and is
part of a new initiative to get the town’s people to use its natural, open spaces
more and recognise its value.
The music will be provided by Torrevieja’s International Symphonic Orchestra
and the idea came from seeing the impact of a previous concert performed
there; ‘Habaneras en el Parque’. ‘It will be a unique concert,’ explained the
councillor, ‘set in the heart of this natural area.’ The music played will include
well-known pieces from the classical repertoire.
The audience for the concert will be limited to 100 people and you must
collect your invitation from either the Visitors’ reception centre at the park or
from Agamed. It will take place at 10.30pm, a time picked in order that
participants can watch the sunset too.
Paco Martínez is director of the park and considers that an event of this type
is completely compatible with the park’s environment and that it will not
disturb the animals. ‘It will be a harmonious and a soft sound. The animals are
used to much louder noises,’ he explained during the press conference. ‘We
want people to link culture with nature, our goal is that people value the park
more highly.’
Agamed water company are patrons of the Symphonic Orchestra and are
delighted to be involved with the plans. They are very happy with the proposal
as are the members of the orchestra too.
The concert is planned during an important year for the park which is currently
celebrating its 20 th anniversary. ‘It’s a good present for the park,’ said
Councillor Serrano, ‘and for nature lovers.’