Founder of the N332 Facebook page, Francisco Morales, was honoured guest at a party in the British Embassy in Madrid. Guardia Civil traffic officer Morales was among guests invited to the Embassy to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. Francisco told the Costa Blanca People, “We were invited in recognition of the service we provide to the British Community.”
The N332 Facebook page and related website,, provides information on driving in Spain to help foreigners stay safe on the roads. With many rules and regulations different to those of our home nations, the information provided by the N332 group has proved useful to many road users here – including the 128,000 people that follow the page on Facebook.
At the party, both the British Ambassador, Simon Manley and the Congressional spokesperson for Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, commended the N332 project and the recognition that it has now achieved by the DGT, Spain’s transport authority.