An officer sustained injuries during the arrest of four people who were throwing a party while supposed to be under lockdown in Torrevieja. The Guardia Civil officer had to call for backup after being punched while trying to ascertain the identities of two men and two women.
The four have been arrested and taken into custody, charged with civil disobedience and assault.
The incident took place when nearby residents complained to authorities about a ‘rather loud party’. Arriving to the scene, officers saw that several people (not resident at the address where the party was taking place) had gathered to have a party – now illegal under the State of Alarm rules. The officers realised an illegal gathering was underway and proceeded to ask for the documentation of those present to confirm their suspicions, and to remind those gathered about social limitations due to the state of the alarm brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.
The four people present, two men and two women aged 28, 29, 22 and 36 years old, repeatedly denied the Guardia Civil officers’ requests to provide identification and in the midst of an argument between one of the men and one of the officers, the man punched the Guardia Civil who then called for backup because as soon as he tried to restrain the young man, the others are alleged to have ‘pounced’ on the officer.
The four were brought before the sitting judge in Torrevieja’s Court number 2 who remarked upon the contempt of the detainees towards both the Guardia Civil and the current state of alarm. Their attitude and, according to the judge, their likelihood to reoffend and ignore the rules of lockdown, led the authorities to order pre-trial detention and so, they will remain in custody for now.