The Mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, and the spokesperson for Ciudadanos (the Citizens Party) José Aix, have finally reached an agreement to form an absolute majority government for the next four years in the municipality of Orihuela .
The Mayor said: “After many conversations a meeting point has been reached, which was always our only objective and that will allow us another four years of progress and development for our municipality.”
The Mayor highlighted the commitment to complete the Citizen Participation Regulation that was not fully developed in the last legislature, complete the list of municipal jobs, as well as work on solving the problems that exist in respect to of municipal planning with the advance in the General Urban Planning Scheme.
Another issue that will be addressed is the carrying out of actions that facilitate the revitalisation and regeneration of the historic centre of Orihuela, as well as promoting the municipality internationally and as a tourist destination.
“We must continue to pay special attention to the Urban Solid Waste Collection Service optimising resources in order to achieve a clean Orihuela with good services in something which is so basic and so essential,” said Bascuñana.
The Mayor also raised the issue of connection and infrastructure, saying these had special relevance in order to ensure the government is able to address the Emergency Services Centre for the Coast, ‘which the Generalitat did not want to face’.
He continued: “This government will continue to give absolute priority to active social policies and emphasising those sectors with the highest risk of exclusion, promoting employment. Mobility will be an area with special attention, as well as the pedestrianising of different areas such as the historic centre, along with systems such as bike lanes and greenways. There will also be a series of major projects to address large-scale projects.”
The Mayor explained that a ‘committee will be created through which all areas will be monitored with the objective that the Orihuela government is managed in a coordinated manner’.

Within the agreements already detailed, the Mayor’s office will be maintained by the Popular Party, the Local Government Board will consist of nine members, five for the PP (Emilio Bascuñana, Rafael Almagro, Sabina-Goretti Galindo, Víctor Valverde and Mariola Rocamora ), and four for Ciudadanos (José Aix, Luisa Boné, Mar Ezcurra and Ángel Noguera), and the role of Spokesperson of the Governing Board will be undertaken by the spokesperson for Ciudadanos.
Ciudadanos will maintain the areas it held during the last legislature such as: Infrastructure and Services, Culture and Youth and Beaches. This includes: Education and Citizen Security, Human Resources and Internal Regime, and Urban Planning and Territory.
The Mayor clarified: “The rest of the areas are maintained by the Popular Party and soon I will proceed to delegate the powers and reorganise them based on this new distribution.”
José Aix concluded that this agreement comes at the right time, “we have detected what worked and also those aspects that we can improve upon” and added that Ciudadanos “wants to offer people a stable government for the next four years, developing large projects and operating in a coordinated manner.”