On Friday, the Councillor for Markets, Víctor Bernabéu, visited the first market to reopen in the municipality located in Paseo Calvo Sotelo.
All 11 markets that take place on different days across the municipality have tentatively reopened under strict safety and sanitation regulations during this state of alarm.
Councillor Bernabéu said: “We have checked that all the measures adopted by the relevant departments have worked and are satisfied with the work done in the last weeks to ensure peoples safety.”
Only food stalls are currently allowed to sell their wares and there has to be a safe distance between the stalls, as well ensuring hygiene measures are in place to protect people who come to buy the produce.
Stalls are now 2.5 metres apart and a six metre separation corridor has been allocated, which follows the precise instructions od the Ministry of Health and the competent authorities.
“As we progress in this situation and according to the regulations set by the administrations we will expand the number of stalls and incorporate other types of products, until we can reach the point of having all the markets of Orihuela offering their usual array of goods.”
The measures taken by the Department of Markets include the placement of fencing and the installation of a secure circuitous route to be able to visit the market, the hiring of private security personnel and the presence of a Local Police agent, who will coordinate the area and will forward the important information to those responsible at all times, controlling in turn the capacity and the distance between people. Chemical toilets will also be installed, both for women and men, in order to guarantee this service to users and that they can use them when necessary.
In addition, more than 700 cans of hydro-alcoholic hand-sanitiser have been purchased, which will be placed at the access points and at each stall and which must be used by customers before entering the sales areas.
Before and after each market the physical area will be cleaned and disinfected – before the stalls are installed, and after their removal. The stalls will start setting up at 7:30am and the markets will be open to the public from 9am to 2pm.
“Everything is ready to start this traditional economic activity and I want to emphasise that it has been very complicated to restart the markets because each needed an individual approach and we wanted to guarantee the health and safety of everyone, “said the Councillor.