Police officers were forced to shoot out the wheels of a car in Torrevieja as it attempted to escape a routine checkpoint. The dramatic incident took place on Monday last when Policia Local resorted to shooting the car’s tyres after the driver tried to run over an officer while escaping a checkpoint.
The woman behind the wheel was eventually arrested for an attack on a police officer – although she could be accused of attempted homicide, driving without a license, without insurance and in an allegedly stolen vehicle.
The Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil is investigating the events that occurred at the checkpoint on Avenida Desiderio Rodríguez. The checkpoint was manned by the GRO (Operational Reinforcement Group) of the local police. GRO officers are authorised by the General Directorate of Traffic to carry out routine checks of ITV validity and vehicle insurance details. A car driven by a middle-aged woman, and in which another woman was travelling in the front seat, stopped about a hundred meters from the control, which aroused suspicion. Two armed officers of the Local Police approached her and asked him why she had stopped. Without a word, she turned the car and tried to run over one of the officers who then shot at the wheel of the car in an apparent attempt to avoid being run over. The attempt to stop the car was unsuccessful.
The vehicle continued and a chase ensued with Local Police and Guardia Civil in pursuit. Two GRO vehicles intercepted the car just as the driver was about to join the N-332. An officer once again approached the car but the driver, again tried to run him over and drive away. Another officer took aim and this time successfully shot out the car’s tyre and forced the vehicle to stop so that the driver could be arrested.
The use of firearms by law enforcement officials is very restricted by Spanish legislation and first investigations indicate that the officers in question were correct in the manner in which they discharged their weapons.