The Rotary Club of Torrevieja has put in a request for donations to help 13
children who are victims of the troubles in Eastern Ukraine. The children have
been brought by the club to Torrevieja to have a holiday away from the
problems in their homeland.
The children have all lost close family members in the conflict or come from
families who are struggling to survive without basic necessities. They were
selected and brought to Torrevieja in conjunction with ‘Global Christian
Support’. Now, during their stay in Torrevieja, they have been given
opportunities to enjoy different activities and to be children.
The children originate from Kramatorsk, Donetsk, Slavyansk and Avdeevka
and are all between the ages of three and 11. Their families are without the
basic necessities and the Rotary Club has also been asking for support in
providing them with these basics for when they return to their home country.