On the 18 th September the mayor of Torrrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, signed
along with 62 other representative of organisations, political parties and social
groups the Pacto Valenciano against domestic violence. The agreement
acknowledges 293 ways in which it is intended to tackle this problem.
Vice president and councillor for equality and inclusivity, Mónica Oltra, said;
‘Today has been a historic day for all those in valencian society.’ Torrevieja’s
mayor, José Manuel Dolón, spoke out against the problem indicating that the
intention is to use every method possible including technical, judicial, political,
educationto tackle it.
Mónica Oltra has pointed out that the vaccine for the problem is that of
ensuring a society where there are equal relationships between men and
women. The five strategies that have been indicated as part of the agreement
 The pursuit of a society that is free from domestic violence
 Raise the status of women generally in society
 Coordinate the works of organisations who are supporting the women
and children who are victims of domestic violence
 Recognising the political nature of the problem
 A budget provided to develop and implement objectives
The pact has been the result of eight days’ work including different political
parties and representative of a number of associations in the Valencian