And finally, Torrevieja has a budget for 2018. This year’s budget was at last
agreed after months of debating when the two small opposition parties, Sueña
and Ciudadanos, agreed to back the proposals of the current town council.
The PP party continued to oppose the budget until the very end.
The final decision that the budget could go ahead was made on Monday 12 th
February at the town hall’s plenary session. The budget amounts to 90.6
million euros and received the final approval it needed to allow the council to
begin to make the changes they are hoping for. As the current government is
still in a minority they depended on the two parties of Sueña and Ciudadanos
joining them to provide 14 votes in favour.
The Popular Party (PP) remained the only party to oppose the budget but
their 11 councillors were insufficient to prevent the budget from going through.
They had raised a number of legal issues to try and prevent it being agreed
but these were insufficient to see its passing quashed.
Two unresolved issues were used by the PP to freeze agreement on finances
for the coming year. One was in relation to Torreta III where a case had been
brought by the residents for renovation of the estate. However, a court ruled
that this appeal be suspended. Another hurdle had been the Sustainability
Mobility Plan which the PP demanded be included in the budget. However,
the opposition were unsuccessful in holding this as an impediment to the
budget being agreed.
The arrival of a new budget to work with is a significant relief for the local
council. It should enable them now to go ahead with their plans and make
some improvements to the town. It should allow them to address issues to do
with the rubbish collection service, the cleaning of public buildings and urban
Explaining their support for the budget, Ciudadanos spokesperson Pilar
Gómez Magán explained; ‘We can not hinder the normal development of town
hall projects. If we do not support the budget we will be harming the citizens of
the town.’
Speaking for the Sueña political party, Pablo Samper recognised that this is a
budget with cross party support. It is the first budget where those in opposition
have also had opportunity to make a contribution. There was criticism of the
PP’s attempt to block the budget. However, they remain resolute in their
objections to it.