Guardia Civil have arrested two people caught scavenging an important archaeological site at Guardamar Castle.
Both people have been issued with €6000 fines due to their obvious intention to find and steal objects from the site of the Castle of Guardamar del Segura. Important archaeological research work is being carried out at the site so the complaint was sent to the Ministry of Culture, the agency which handles disciplinary proceedings.
The Councillor for Historical Heritage, Pilar Gay, revealed that the event actually occurred a few months ago and that the two people were apprehended with several pieces of pottery, “although it is unknown if they were from Guardamar or another site.”
It was a resident who alerted police to the presence of both individuals inside the archaeological site of the castle “on a Saturday afternoon, even though there were signs prohibiting entry.”
Councillor Gay stressed that the action of these “poachers of historical pieces cause serious damage to the sites.” For this reason, the council has requested citizen collaboration to prevent the future plunder of archaeological areas – visitors and residents are asked to inform the police if they notice suspicious activity in or around the archaeological site.