Opposition is growing to plans to build a waste treatment plant between San Miguel de Salinas and Torrevieja. The plant, is planned on the La Finca Lo Timur which is to the North West of the salt lake and between San Miguel de Salinas and Torrevieja. This location is only 900 metres from the wetland surrounding the salt lake which is considered to be an area of natural beauty.
The Grupo Salins who run the salt works linked to the lake are one of the organisations coming out most strongly against the plans. They are concerned that building this plant so close to the lake could contaminate the water in there. Both a deluge of rain or gradual seepage could mean that the lake carries impurities that would impede the creation of salt and harm the wildlife and fauna that live in the area.
The plant is not a landfill site but is for treatment of waste only and it would mean a large number of refuse lorries would be entering and leaving the site. The quantity of traffic would be increased because the proposed site is more of a sorting centre with lorries taking rubbish away for either landfill or recycling elsewhere.
The finca, which is the proposed location for the site, is only 900 metres from the shore of the Torrevieja lake and 600 from the edge of the natural park. This is an area that not only plays host to the successful salt mining industry but is also a recognised bird sanctuary. The only barrier between the finca and the reserve is the CV-943 road.
The business responsible for the treatment plant, OHL, is applying to the town hall of San Miguel but they must also have agreement from environmental departments located in Valencia. However, access for lorries will be on land in Torrevieja and Los Montesinos. The value of the plant is estimated to be more than 40 million euros and it would be responsible for treating around 120,000 tons of solid urban waste a year.