The councillor for commerce, Manuela Osuna, has announced the winners of the project ‘Ephemeral Architecture’ which saw students from Alicante University decorating 15 shops around the town centre. This is the second year that the competition has taken place and their designs have brightened up many shop windows and interiors.
The first prize was awarded to ‘Holo’ which was installed in Óptica Chantal, this group of students, led by María Antón Ripoll, picked up the €500 prize money. Their work included a tapestry showing aspects of the salt industry.
The second prize, worth €350, was picked up by a team led by Pascuel Abel Escorza who decorated the front of Nichi Seijo as well as areas inside. Their work was entitled ‘Shine’ and played on reflection and light.
The third prize went to the team led by Laura Lizcano and entitled ‘Reality’. This was placed in an Óptica Mar outlet and is an image linked to the Eras de la Sal. This team has won €250.
Around 46 students were involved altogether in creating designs inspired by the salt lakes. The students were organised into 15 groups and had four months to put the designs together with the final work being judged by a jury.