No more soggy salad

Just in time for us being allowed to spend more time outdoors; having picnics, Heinz launches a brand new, innovation range of salad dressings.
Those guys are smart. Damn smart.
In preparation for your upcoming socially distanced picnic, Heinz has released range of salad dressing sprays. Over-pouring will be a thing of the past, with these low-calories dressings, which come in four tasty flavours.
The four flavours are: Balsamic with a hint of garlic (1 kcal per spray), Raspberry balsamic (2 kcal per spray), Chilli & lime (2 kcal per spray), Zesty lemon (1 kcal per spray)
Not only is the spray bottle innovative in the sense that you’ll never end up with soggy leaves again, but it also means you won’t end up with too much dressing on your salad, which could lead to excess calories, which if you’re watching your weight is not what you want.
Each flavour either contains just one or two calories per spray. Impressive, I think you’ll agree.
Maria Jantchi, Senior Brand Manager Kraft Heinz, said: “Gone are the days when salads were drowned by the dressing pouring out all at once. Our new Heinz Salad Dressing Sprays are set to transform the way people enjoy their salads, thanks to their easy spray format. They can be enjoyed wherever you are, and the four delicious varieties mean that healthy food can be tasty food too. Salads never looked or tasted so good!”
Heinz’s salad dressing sprays are on sale now and available from most leading supermarkets.