Orihuela commemorates World No Alcohol Day

The Councillor for Health, José Galiano, has outlined a campaign in collaboration with the Community Prevention Unit in Addictive Behaviors (UPCCA), with the objective of raising awareness about the physical and psychological risks of alcohol consumption. The campaign coincides with World No Alcohol Day, which was marked on 15th November.
Last week information points were placed in the Ramón Campoamor Civic Centre in Orihuela Costa and in the lobby of the María Moliner Municipal Library, bringing the information provided by UPCCA to locals and wider population in general.
The Community Prevention Unit for Addictive Behaviours (UPCCA) of Orihuela warned that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is ‘very normalised’ despite posing a huge health risk. Alcohol is responsible for the death of 3-and-a-half million people a year worldwide, often due to traffic accidents. This is because it is a central nervous system suppressant drug that decreases reflexes and the visual field. This means that people who have been drinking underestimate risk and it increases their reaction times. ”
The Councillor for Health concluded that “alcohol can cause numerous health problems such as vomiting, gastritis, digestive tumours, liver cirrhosis, impotence and pancreatitis.”