Orihuela gives 400,000 euros to help pandemic hit businesses

The Councillor for Commerce and Industry, Víctor Bernabéu, has announced that the Department has put in place financial aid worth a total of 400,000 euros “aimed at supporting the business fabric of the Orihuela municipality and to mitigate as far as possible the negative effects of the health pandemic caused by COVID-19 ”.
The Councillor said: “We are offering help to a sector that has been seriously affected during these months, in order to help them resume trading and keep their businesses open.”
He went on the explain that to carry out this important economic investment, and after several months of work from the local council team they have devised a budget that comes from across several municipal areas and a that it has taken a huge amount of work and effort to organise the grants. The Department of Festivities has allocated 135,000 euros; Historical Heritage 60,000 euros, Employment 50,000 euros and Social Welfare will contribute 115,000 euros. Co-operation will add another 15,000 euros, International Residents 3,000 euros and Trade 22,000 euros.
The Department of the Treasury, headed by Rafael Almagro is presenting the proposal to the Plenary meeting on Thursday (25th June) to establish the criteria and open the application period for the grants.