Orihuela offers online tourism experiences

The Councillor for Tourism, María García, has announced the creation of an online portal that will allow visitors to access tourist experiences across the municipality. The councillor explained that the objective of the project is to “open up the tourist offer of our municipality and not only sell the destination with its history, culture and heritage, but also offer tourists an experience of Orihuela. We join a tourist trend that cities such as Barcelona and Elche have already established”.
Users of the website will be able to book cultural activities organised by the City Council, such as guided tours or buy tickets for shows, and at the same time they can book accommodation in hotels or tourist apartments, meals in restaurants or other leisure activities.
“It is an important step in the tourist promotion of the municipality, because it allows us to get to know the tourist, their tastes and focus on what really interests them and therefore diversify the offer and involve private companies”, explained María García.
To launch the initiative, the Department of Tourism has hired a company, to be in charge of the development and management of the platform, which can be accessed at www.orihuelaturistica.es.
“A presence on the portal will be free for companies, they will only have to cover the management costs for each reservation made with their business,” the councillor said. A seminar and discussion has been held with businessmen from across the municipality so that relevant businesses can join the initiative to ensure a wide range of activities and services on offer.
The head of the company in charge of developing the portal, Miguel Carrión, has pointed out that work will also be done to distribute tourist products through the 4,600 retail agencies with which his company already works. In this way, both María García and Miguel Carrión have requested the collaboration of the tourist companies in the municipality to include their products on the platform.

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