Orihuela robbers arrested

Four men, all with a criminal record for robbery, have been remanded in custody after being arrested for several robberies in an exclusive urbanisation in Orihuela.
During December the Civil Guard detected an increase in the number of robberies at homes in a specific area, all carried out with a similar modus operandi. Officers increased their surveillance and patrols in order to catch the culprits.
It wasn´t too long before the measures paid off and a call reported a robbery in progress. Officers rushed to the scene and the evidence suggested the same gang. Patrols scoured the streets, and thanks to the officers’ expertise and knowledge of the area a suspicious vehicle with four occupants was spotted.
The suspects, when they were surprised at the house had fled in a vehicle at high speed, but before trying to hide objects they had stolen in bushes.
The vehicle was stopped, and the occupants were still carrying one of the items stolen in the home robbery, in addition to the tools used. Thanks to this item, officers were able to prove they were in the property. In addition, police were able to link the gang to another robbery committed that night in another house in the same urbanisation.
All four members of the gang were arrested for a continuous crime of robbery and belonging to a criminal group. The men are aged between 27 and 44 years of age and are of Moldovan and Romanian nationality. All had a criminal record for crimes similar to those being investigated.
The members of the gang, together with the recovered objects, have been made available to Orihuela Investigating Court No. 2, which has ordered the entire criminal group to be imprisoned.

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