Safety and style from Zenia Services

Summer is finally here and along with the sunshine and sangria come more unwelcome seasonal additions such as mosquitoes. With new warnings being issued regarding the Southeast Asian Tiger mosquito as well as the more common and garden varieties, Mosquito blinds are pretty much a necessity if you live or have a holiday home in Spain.
Zenia Services has built its excellent reputation over several years as the company that does ‘everyhing to do with windows, except the windows’ across the southern Costa Blanca and is now leading the way by offering evacuation safety grills, grill refurbishment and, of course, those all important mosquito blinds.
Zenia Blinds makes and manufactures all of its blinds in house – it offers full range of roller blinds, in addition to mosquito blinds – cutting out the middle-man. This allows the company to pass the cost savings directly to the customer. The mosquito blinds and roller blinds are tailor made, of the highest quality and are supplied and fitted by Zenia Services.
These blinds also have additional summer benefits for hay fever sufferers, as all Zenia Blinds mosquito blinds actually stop pollen from entering the home and they also stop all unwanted bugs, including cockroaches, from getting in.
Zenia Blinds also offers a general shutter and persiana repair service, with the majority of repairs can be carried out within 24 hours.

Grills and glass balustrades
If you are looking to modernise your property then adding glass balustrades is a cost effective way to achieve an up-to-date look and add value to your house. These striking and chic panels can be used for stairways, balconies, terraces and around swimming pools and Zenia Services can manage your needs from start to finish. Choose between clear or frosted 8mm laminated glass for extra privacy. Just imagine how stylish your property would look if you replaced your wall or concrete balustrades for this stylish contemporary look. And imagine never having to laboriously paint all those balustrades ever again! Call Zenia Services now for a free no obligation quotation.
Grills on windows are a tried and tested way to prevent break-ins and opportunistic thefts. However, should doorways be blocked by fire then these safety grills can affectively become prison bars. Zenia Services can transform your security grill into a secure fire escape which allows the grill to be opened from the inside and as an added security feature the mechanism cannot be seen from the outside, giving the evacuation grill the same appearance as any other grill. The safety grills lock from the inside and can be quickly and easily unlocked by key.
Zenia Services can also give your tired grills a new lease of life, sprucing up the kerb appeal of you property ideal for a summer clean or pre-sale makeover. The team will uninstall and collect your grills. This can be done even if the grills are built into the wall. These are then sandblasted to remove the old paint and rust and then powder coated in any colour of your choice and are the only local company using this technique.
This technique can be used on grills of all shapes and sizes; providing the rust has not damaged the integrity of the metal; although most damage can be repaired. Even better, the service can be completed on any metal object from ornaments to home and garden furniture. The results are impressive with the item looking like new again. The business also offers a galvanising service to prevent rusting for upto7 years.
There is no job too big or small for Zenia Services and work is guaranteed. All services offered are fully legal and fully insured. For an unbeatable, affordable and friendly service call Neil and the team on 659 763 517, check them out on Facebook or email: