San Miguel quarry angers local residents

A residents' group in San Miguel de Salinas is vehemently opposing the reopening of a
clay quarry near Villamartin, citing concerns about heavy lorries using narrow roads
and the potential negative impact on the local environment.
The Valencian government recently released a favourable environmental impact study
that paves the way for the resumption of activities at the 32,000-square-meter Las
Majadas quarry, which is situated in a protected forestry zone. The proposed
extraction rate is set at 10,000 cubic meters of clay annually.
The Neighbours Association of San Miguel has wasted no time in voicing their concerns
and has formally appealed to the local council to stand against the reopening of the
quarry. Their primary objection centres on the anticipated increase in heavy lorry
traffic, which would traverse the already congested CV95 and CV941 highways.
"The council should refrain from granting authorisation for road usage and must
oppose this project," declared the association, underlining their steadfast opposition.
The residents' group's concerns extend beyond traffic congestion. They harbour
serious reservations about the environmental implications of reopening the quarry. In
a written statement, the association highlighted the detrimental effects of previous,
unauthorized quarrying activities.
"When the quarry was illicitly operationalized at the turn of the last century, it resulted
in the removal of forest soil and a general degradation of the environment," the
statement noted.
Moreover, the group firmly believes that endorsing such industrial activities is
fundamentally incompatible with the preservation of the local flora and fauna, as well
as the broader tourism interests of the municipality.
As this debate unfolds, San Miguel de Salinas residents are anxiously awaiting the
response of their local council and the ultimate decision regarding the future of the Las
Majadas clay quarry.

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