Solidarity Foods Torrevieja reopens with numbers of needy people that have not decreased for years

Solidarity Foods in Torrevieja have not less than 200 daily menus for years among the most needy. Although the number decreases in the summer months, during the rest of the year they exceed 300 menus a day. It is complicated in these times of inflation, or what happened with the arrival of Ukrainians due to the war, for the numbers to go down.

In August the NGO closed its doors, but they guaranteed food in July, supplying the beneficiary families. Last Monday they reopened their doors and kitchens to once again have this gesture of solidarity with the most vulnerable, thanks to volunteers, suppliers, donations and subsidies from the City Council, Antonio Sánchez, coordinator of Solidarity Foods Torrevieja , explained on Radio Orihuela.

On the other hand, Antonio Sánchez has indicated that there are around 80 or 90 volunteers who also decrease in the summer months and it never hurts for people to be encouraged and be part of this help group. You just have to go to the Food Solidarios offices at C/ San Pascual, nº 227, Torrevieja.

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