Son slits Dad’s throat in Albatera

The man accused of his father’s murder in Albatera was found by Police standing over the body with a knife in his hand. The 30-year old, a Spanish national is undergoing treatment for schizophrenia and is alleged to have carried out the attack on his father at their family home, in the San Jaime neighbourhood of the town. It is believed that the man had a history of incidents within the family and was known to be suffering from mental illness for some time.
The mother of the arrested man alerted Police to a potential problem when she ran to the local police station to tell them her son had ‘lost his mind’. The distraught woman told officers that her son was threatening to kill his father.
When the police arrived at the property, the son had barricaded himself into the garage and neighbours reported hearing screaming. Officers forced the metal door of the garage and found the son standing over his deceased father, with the knife still in his hand. The 60 year old victim’s throat had been cut.
After trying to run from the scene of the crime, neighbours watched as four Local Police Officers restrained him and held him down until Guardia Civil and took over. The son was arrested and transferred to cells at the Guardia headquarters in Pilar de la Horadada, where he will appear in court in Orihuela this week.