Spanish officials bemused by new lockdown claims

Fernando Simón has denied that Spain is preparing for a new general confinement after information printed in a Costa del Sol-based expat newspaper spread to international media. Spain’s Director of the Co-ordination Centre for Health Alerts and Emergencies called the articles ‘a hoax’.
The paper had claimed that Spain was due to go into a new lockdown on 18th September and that the government was working on a three-phase plan.
At a Madrid press conference Fernando Simon, said: “About those rumours … the other day they told me about it and I was very surprised. I have absolutely no information and in no forum or meeting in which I have participated has the subject even been mentioned. I think they are hoaxes that run I do not know with what intention, but it has not been said at any time.”
“If at any time we have to discuss the evolution of the epidemic, obviously it will be raised and the decisions that have to be made will be made. Right now there is no problem in this regard,” the expert said, settling the speculation once and for all.
The press conference was covered by News Agency EFE read the story here:
Website adds: We have contacted the Ministry of Health and they tell us that “they do not know anything about what is published” and that they “do not enter into the future”. In addition, they recall that currently, the competences are held by the autonomous communities and they are in charge of decision-making and so a national lockdown is not legally possible.
“The Ministry of Health meets frequently to know the situation but the competences are transferred,” they point out from Health, “the Ministry reports as concrete steps are being taken.”