Your week in Sport

by Chris Darwen

So, Russia doped over 1000 athletes and cheated their way through London 2012.  That’s ok then, they are bound to have been the only country doing it, aren’t they.  I mean, god forbid any country that isn’t Russia gets dragged into the scandal.  Or has anything swept under the carpet.  As long as they have the appropriate doctor’s note and ride a bike everything is ok.  But hey, it means a few Team GB athletes might move up the medal table.


In a totally unrelated demonstration of British Cycling being able to make things go away, Jess Varnish’s complaints against Shane Sutton got narrowed down to one small thing being upheld and several other big things being refuted.  The PR machine had suggested back in October that Sutton had been found to have used “inappropriate language and behaviour” but last week’s leak on the actual report suggested that of all the instances claimed, only one was found to be “true” in the eyes of the “independent” committee.  That press release seems fair then.


England will just about want to pack up and come home following being led another merry dance in the 4th Test in India.  We might have found another good batsman in South African Keaton Jennings.  Well, if we forget his ridiculous name and focus on the first innings ton and not the second innings duck we might have found another good batsman.  Other than that, same old same old.  India score more runs than us and their spinners take more wickets than ours.  Come home boys, the game is up.


Anthony Joshua danced around Eric Molina in Manchester on Saturday night to defend his IBF title.  Joshua will be rewarded with a date with Klitschko in April 2017.  The best fight of the night saw Chisora beaten by Whyte in 12 rounds.  Following the press conference pantomime that saw Whyte throw an actual table at Chisora there were no titles on the line, just a bucket load of pride.