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Focus on food and drink

The councillor for Tourism, Sofía Álvarez has confirmed the attendance of the municipality of
Orihuela at the trade fair "Alicante Gastronómica: Meeting of Mediterranean Lifestyle" an exhibition
of food and healthy living, which was held at IFA Alicante from Friday 4th to Monday 7th May, where
she believes that "Orihuela will play an important role in the province as one of the best gastronomic
destinations to discover".
Councillor Alvarez said: "The power of the municipality with its monuments, tradition, history,
nature tourism, sun and beach and golf, is complemented by local cuisine, based on the products of
the ‘garden’ and its tradition in the kitchens.”
Workshops and conferences, tastings, product sales and show-cooking demonstrations all took place
over the three days, and showed the public and professionals of the sector different gastronomic
specialties of the province. Orihuela showcased its best assets, ‘demonstrating the products of the
land, its rice dishes, and its gastronomy of the highest order’, the Councillor said.
Sophia Avarez wanted to thank the companies and collaborating associations that took part in this
event for their commitment. This included: Altos de Orihuela, Olé-Fruit, Salazones Pertusa,
Conservas Hortidesa, El Horno de Obispo and the Mediterranean Gastronomic Association.
Irish Pub Route Orihuela Costa
The Councillor for Tourism carried out the prize giving for the first Route of Irish Pubs of Orihuela
Costa that was held over the weekend of the 14 th and 15 April with the participation of 31 registered
Irish pubs taking part in the initiative.
The Councillor was accompanied by Raymond Kearney, representative of the Irish community in
Orihuela Costa, “which of the 101 nationalities that have made Orihuela home, is one of the most
numerous,” explained the Councillor. The Irish community has participated actively in this initiative
which aimed to unite people from across the municipality and encourage them to experience
different aspects of the area where they live. This success of the event has led to the commitment of
this community to carry out a second edition of this route soon.
The prizes consisted in the delivery of a bottle of wine along with merchandising and information on
the municipality, which includes the book recently published in English with Hernandian routes and
the biography of Miguel Hernández that can be explored in the municipality.
The winners were:
Best cover / Best Drink & Tapa
• The Abbey Tavern (La Florida)
• Slievenamon Irish Pub (Cabo Roig)
Best Presentation / Best Pub's Atmosphere
• Paddy's Point (La Zenia)
Best Decoration / Best Decoration
• The Depot (Cabo Roig)

"Play Clean" awareness campaign to keep Orihuela tidy

The councillor for Road Cleaning, Dámaso Aparicio, has presented the new awareness and
awareness campaign of the council for 2018, entitled "Play clean."
"With this slogan, we have the firm objective of raising awareness of the importance of caring for
the environment through small actions," said the councillor, "to help maintain cleanliness in the city,
beaches and districts of the municipality ."
The campaign which has already started will be developed throughout the year, focusing on the
actions that people can take to take care for the image of the municipality, such as the use of paper
mills, the care of street furniture, collecting the excreta of pets or taking out the garbage at the
established time, as well as the importance of recycling at source through the separation of waste in
the home.
A media campaign highlighting the principles of Play Clean will be carried out, with signage and
promotion, in addition to the creation of the website: orihuelalimpia.es/ with all the relative
information to the campaign and to the Concejalía.
Likewise, more than 30,000 information leaflets will be distributed throughout the municipality,
"which will be in Spanish, English and German in those directed to the residents of Orihuela Costa,
and in which special emphasis is placed on the timetables and places to perform the collection of
household goods and pruning, "explained Aparicio.
"We want to get people really involved in the cleaning and conservation of the municipality, because
it is everyone's task," said the councilman. "It will be the sum of those little anonymous gestures of
all citizens that help us to fulfil this goal, since it is not cleaner who cleans, but who less messes," he
Other actions of the Department
The councillor also gave an account of other complementary actions carried out by the area of
Urban Cleaning and Urban Waste in the municipality and that have aimed to facilitate recycling at
source through the selection and classification of urban waste.
These actions include the start-up of the two mobile eco-parks for Orihuela city, districts and
Orihuela Costa, awareness campaigns in schools in the municipality, as well as the distribution of
recycling selection boxes in municipal buildings and schools, as well as its installation in major events
of the municipality such as the Medieval Market.
Through these initiatives it has been possible to increase the recycling of paper, cardboard and light
packaging in the municipality, which in 2014 was 667 tons and has gone to 861. Likewise, in the case
of glass recycling, in 2014 1,900 tons were registered of this recycled material, increasing in 2017 to
2200 tons (75 percent of the total glass generated).
Aparicio has also pushed for the repair of one of the trucks of the Department, damaged in 2012 and
now road worthy once again is destined to begin collection work in Orihuela Costa, in addition to the
signing of an agreement with the organisation ECOEMBES for a greater number of recycling
containers, the glass recycling campaign for the summer, and the new IMEDES campaigns with the
educational and collaboration centres with the Vega Baja Waste Consortium, which will be
announced soon.

Iberdrola and Orihuela sign an agreement for improved electricity supply

Iberdrola and the City Council of Orihuela have signed an agreement to improve the
electricity supply for the town and its districts and at the same time eliminate an overhead
power line that runs from the area of Capuchinos to Santo Domingo and affects visually the
historic centre of the city.
The agreement was signed at the municipal offices by the Mayor of Orihuela, Emilio
Bascuñana, and the director of Distribution For Iberdrola in the Valencian Community,
Bonifacio Álvarez. Also present were the Councillor for Heritage and Urban Planning, Rafael
Almagro, and the Head of the Distribution for the province of Alicante, Antonio Mendivil,
among others.
After the agreement has been signed the Mayor said: “This is one of the most important
agreements of this legislature for the development of Orihuela.”
In the coming years, Iberdrola plans to invest more than two million euros in the
construction of new underground medium and low voltage lines in the historic centre of the
city, through the adaptation of several transformation centres and the reformation of
Medium voltage overhead lines in the outskirts of Orihuela and the rural area of the
municipality, as well as in the Orihuela Costa area.
This will improve the quality of the local electricity supply by using more advanced
technologies that are more respectful of the environment and meet the growth in electricity
demand expected in the coming years.
In addition, Iberdrola will eliminate 2.5 kilometres of overhead lines and several
transformation centres which exist in the historical old city, specifically those that visually
affect the Santo Domingo School and the Church of Santiago, as well as the birthplace of
Miguel Hernández.
In 2018 Iberdrola is also going to complete the installation of an intelligent electrical
network in Orihuela, where the company will replace the more than 88,000 traditional
meters with the new intelligent ‘smart’ measurement equipment. More than 600
transformation centres will be upgraded to enable local householders to enjoy the
advantages of this system of tele-management and automation of the electrical network.
Smart grids allow improvement in the efficiency of consumption as well as the provision of
various remote services, such as reading the consumption of electricity in real time, the
processing of high or low contracts and the modification of the contracted power, as well as
pricing by time bands.
In addition, the company will be able to oversee what is happening in the electricity
network and detect any type of anomaly. This will improve efficiently and the quality of
supply, reducing incidents and their duration.

La Vuelta confusion

If you were planning on going to see the ninth stage of La Vuelta, Spain’s
version of the Tour de France, then you could have become a little frustrated.
Over the past two weeks there have been confused messages coming from
different sources about where exactly this stage of the race would start and
the route it would take.
It was originally planned to begin in Torrevieja. However, following the
Barcelona terror attacks doubt was cast on the ability of the city to safeguard
those attending and taking part. The mayor, José Manuel Dolón, was
concerned that the city had insufficient police resources to protect those
participants and those watching at the start of the race.
According to the mayor, 53 police officers were needed to cover the different
points of the race. At the moment there are 160 local police officers in
Torrevieja who are distributed according to three shifts, and this doesn’t take
into account the 15% absenteeism rate that the force currently experiences.
However, others stated that Torrevieja easily had the potential to host such an
event. The inspector of the local police, Óscar Cartón, had spoken on social
media to argue that Torrevieja could have played host quite safely. ‘From my
point of view,’ said Óscar Cartón, ‘I believe there are sufficient police officers
and with the help of the Civil Protection Service and the organising body (la
Vuelta) there is help available too.’
Eventually it was to be Orihuela where the ninth stage of the race would set
off from, this requiring a huge increase in security. The cyclists then passed
through the edge of Torrevieja and travelled up the coast through La Mata,
Guardamar, La Marina, Santa Pola, El Altet, Alicante, Vila Joiosa, Benidorm,
Calpe and finishing in Benitatxell.
The PP, however, have criticised the town hall for not staging the beginning of
the race, claiming that by not doing so they have lost out on €600,000 that
would have come through the hostelry trade, leisure and purchases. It’s
perhaps hard to see how so much additional money could be collected when
many hotels and restaurants are already busting at the seams with August’s
usual holiday makers.
It’s the Playa de la Glea de Campoamor, that eventually saw the start of the
next leg. Twenty two different teams were taking part with the Spanish team
already in front. And there was plenty of security in evidence. In order to
ensure the smooth running of the start 21 different streets were closed and
the security effort included departments from Alicante, the Guardia Civil, the
national police, the local police and civil protection.
In cases of emergency there were 20 volunteers on hand from Civil Protection
and 10 health workers from Cruz Roja. A fire engine, two other firefighting
vehicles and an ambulance were all on hand. The town of Orihuela has
claimed this as a victory over their tourist town neighbour, placing them as the
sporting and cultural capital of the Costa Blanca.
For those watching the race if you blinked you missed it. ‘I didn’t realise how
fast they go,’ explained one local resident. ‘I’ve only watched it on the
television before, they were just a blur. I don’t know what speeds they were
doing.’ This spectator had chosen the bridge by El Quirón hospital to watch
the cyclists pass. ‘I was looking out for the cyclist wearing the red shirt. He is
the leader. However, there seemed to be a few wearing red shirts so it wasn’t
easy to see.’
At the front there was a small group who were evidently in the lead and then a
couple of seconds later they were followed up by a larger group of cyclists.
This is one of the fastest sections of the race due to the flat terrain and their
passage along the N332 in Torrevieja was over in seconds. Was it worth
going? ‘It was over very quickly. I’ve watched marathons before and it’s worth
struggling to get the best vantage. I think I’ll watch it on television next time.’
Four hours and seven minutes after the start of the race it was Chris Froome
and team Sky who came in first.

Football tournament against racism

Football is perhaps more often associated with racism than standing up
against it. Now Torrevieja town hall are hoping to reverse the trend by holding
their own mundialito or ‘world cup’ against racism on the 16 th September. It is
planned that eight mixed teams will take part.
The tournament is not only being held to raise awareness of racism and
xenophobia but also to promote gender equality through sport and to support
the local volunteers who help children with special needs. The tournament
was announced by Councillor Victor Ferrández and is supported by the
University of Alicante.
The tournament will take place in the town sports’ facilities as part of the
campaign ‘Torrevieja para Todas’ or ‘Torrevieja for everyone’. Councillor
Ferrández states; ‘This is the first football tournament to raise awareness of
the dangers of racism and xenophobia in football.’ It is an unusual event but
one that is hoped to convey a very important message and denounce
continuous discrimination.
The teams will be mixed in order to also draw attention to gender equality in
sport. Those taking part will donate two euros per player and this contribution
will go towards APANEE which is the parents’ association who raise money
for children with special needs.
There will be a football exhibition with participants from both the male and
female teams of Alicante University and Torrevieja Football Club. Being held
at the beginning of September, those taking part will not find it easy to play.
They, along with their sponsors, recognise the value of an event such as this
and it is hoped that more combined sporting events will take place in the
If you’re interested in taking part then you can email deportes@torrevieja.eu .
Registration closes on the 10 th September.

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