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Charity chocolate indulgence

Cafe Vienna in Almoradi recently hosted an ‘afternoon delight’ of chocolate and pure indulgence.
Chocolate lovers were treated to a chocolate fountain with marshmallows, fruit and cheese, washed
down by a glass of cava. The charity event was organised by Heather and Derek, owners of the bar, in
aid of local charity, Huntington's Disease Association, Costa Blanca and raised an incredible 223 euros.
The next charity event for Huntington's Disease will be an “Auction of Items and Promises” to be held
at El Castillo, Calle San Fulgencio in La Marina on Saturdy 9 th June. The entry price is just 8 euros,
including supper. All items are new and have been donated by local businesses, including a Barcelona
football, signed by this season's first team players.
If you own a business and would like to donate an item to this worthwhile charity, or pledge some
time to offer a service that can be auctioned on the night, such as, gardening, painting and
decorating, hairdressing, makeovers, gym passes, will making, then please contact
christine.watkins@hda.org.es, or telephone 634 905 249.
Huntington's Disease, which is often called HD, is a hereditary disorder of the central nervous system.
It is a terminal illness affecting both men and women, which destroys the pathways between the
brain and the rest of the body, causing a very wide range of symptoms, including uncontrollable
movements, loss of speech and ability to swallow, incontinence and loss of memory function, as well
as depression and changes in personality. There is currently no cure.
Any child of an affected parent has a 50 per cent risk of inheriting the affected gene. Anyone
inheriting the affected gene will develop HD.
If you would like more information about HD, or are interested in helping this worthwhile local
charity, then please contact Marion Smith on 634 905 249, or email:marion.smith@hda.org.es

Two arrests in Almoradí for exploitation

Officers from the National Police have arrested two people in connection with an alleged
labour exploitation offence in an agricultural and livestock farm in Almoradí. One of the
detainees is an entrepreneur who had allegedly given instructions to employees – usually
foreigners in the country without papers – to hide in the manure heap on the farm to avoid
detection should any officials came calling.
The two are alleged to have committed a crime of documentary misrepresentation and crimes
against the rights of workers. Police were alerted to a potentially illegal situation at the farm
following a complaint lodged at police stations in Murcia, tipping officers off regarding a
series of irregularities within the small holding.
Officers from the National Police began a joint investigation and verified that at the farm
appeared to be committing irregularities in the level of labour it employed. In addition, the
company did not have the required safety equipment which is included in the regulations on
the Prevention of Occupational Risks. Owners were also leasing accommodation to the
workers, which were little more that ‘booths’ located inside the farm, some of them with
‘very little safety conditions or comforts’.
At the time of the police and labour inspection, two retired foreign nationals were also
According to the statements of those involved, it is believed that the employer allegedly used
to hire foreigners who were desperate for work as they had no official or legal paperwork. It
is said that the employer gave them strict instructions on how to act in case of a police
presence, such as hiding in the manure heap on the farm ‘to avoid detection’.
In addition, the farm manager is alleged to have made up an employment relationship with
another person in order for the pretend worker to obtain certain ‘administrative benefits’ for
foreigners through a false work contract. This falsehood was detected by the Office of
Foreigners in Murcia and notice was given to the Labour Inspection Unit of Alicante, which
annulled all fraudulent benefits of this alleged worker.
The investigators have arrested the employer and the person who simulated this non-existent
employment relationship and who was also in an irregular situation in Spain. Both, after
being heard in court have been released with charges.

Almoradi bank employee stole 1m from client

She was an ordinary bank employee in the small municipality of Almoradí, population just
20,000. Yet for 25 years she lived far beyond her means: she owned a big house, drove a
luxury car, and took expensive trips to exotic destinations with her partner, then openly
boasted about it on social media.
Now the mystery has been solved as the Guardia Civil has just discovered the origin of this
lady’s wealth: for a quarter century, she has allegedly been stealing from a Russian client
who had an account at her bank. The name of the bank has not been released either.
Investigators believe that the suspect, a 51-year- old woman whose identity has not been
disclosed, diverted around €1.28 million in funds from an account held by a Russian national
now aged 80. She is being charged with bank fraud and forging documents.
The investigation began a month ago, when the account holder filed a complaint with the
local Civil Guard in Almoradí. According to police sources, the Russian national arrived in
Rojales, near to Almoradí, in 1992. He then opened a bank account in the latter municipality,
and developed a relationship of trust with the suspect.
The account holder rarely checked his balance, but in June of this year he requested a detailed
statement because he was considering switching banks. That is when he realized that over
$1.5 million was missing. Investigators analysed all the transactions linked to that account,
and realized that most money transfers had taken place while the account holder was in
Russia, meaning that he did not authorise them.
Every time the man returned to Russia, his bank balance would be depleted a little more. But
every time he requested information about the balance, the employee would provide
unofficial documents forged by herself, to make it look like his balance had not changed.
The suspect was arrested and released pending trial following her arraignment.

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