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Black Cat Ink supports Tasha Appeal

Tattoo and piercing studio, Black Cat Ink, has come out in support of the Tasha Appeal, raising
funds for Tasha Lynch’s Mitochondrial fund. Owner Gregg told the Costa Blanca People, “Like
many on the Costa Blanca, Black Cat Ink in has been really touched by hearing of The ‘Tasha
Appeal’ and yet also so warmed when hearing of all the great things locals in our community
are doing to raise money to help out. We have placed collection buckets around the la Finca
resort and really want to finish our collections with some Christmas cheer and invite you ALL to
join us on our last Walk In Wednesday before Christmas, for the willing there will be a
selection of small Tats for Tasha available – but more importantly just a show of support with a
Local Brass Band and some warm Christmas Mulled wine would be a great way to show We as
a community care – so please come and join us and let’s show Tasha WE ARE HERE FOR YOU
LIVE BAND STARTS 4:30pm at Black Cat Ink La Finca Golf
Mince pies
Mulled wine and some good old Christmas cheer

N332 secures new sponsorship

Back in October 2015, the Costa Blanca People began featuring our Driving in Spain column where readers were invited to ‘ask the Guardia Civil’ about motoring in Spain. The column was run in conjunction with the N332 volunteers – the group behind the hugely popular Facebook page and website.
We are delighted to announce this week that after over a year and a half working together, we have decided to further concrete our good relationship and along with our partners at Moneycorp currency exchange, the Costa Blanca People will be official sponsors of the N332.
Pride of Spain award winner, Francisco Morales, is a Guardia Civil Traffic Officer and along with his Guardia Civil colleagues and fellow N332 team member Mark Nolan, the group spends great time and energy replying to people’s questions about motoring laws.  Francisco told us, “Some driving laws are universal – like obeying the speed limit, or not using your mobile phone while driving.  However, some are unique to Spain – for example, did you know that if you are towing a trailer, you are obliged to carry a fire extinguisher?  My colleagues and I from the N332 advice group want to ensure that drivers aren’t fined unfairly because of lack of local knowledge.  We can do this through our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/DrivingSpain) and the website N332.es which is run by Mark Nolan to help us spread the word.  However, as not everyone has internet access, or Facebook, collaborating with the Costa Blanca People is a great way for us to get the message out to the English speaking community on the Costa Blanca.”
What does this new collaboration mean for our readers?  You will have access to more regular advice with a weekly Driving in Spain column by the N332’s Mark Nolan.  Not only that, but the Costa Blanca People and N332 will be working together on a number of events and projects during the year to raise even more awareness of motoring laws in Spain among international drivers here.
The Facebook page has grown immensely in the last 18 months having increased its followers from 14,000 to 101,377 (and counting!).
The team at N332 are also holding a series of talks and presentations and recently, met with the children of Phoenix International School (See Mark’s article, below).
These local presentations are invaluable as a means of spreading correct information.  Francisco told us, “There is a lot of misinformation around – for example, people think it is the law to carry spare bulbs in the car with you and that you will be fined if you don’t.  However, this is not always the case as in some cars, the lights can only be fixed by a mechanic and in this case, it is not obligatory to carry spare bulbs. Bit by bit, we are trying to make sure everyone has the most up to date, correct information.”
Managing Director of the Costa Blanca People, Claire Richards said, “We are thrilled to announce this important collaboration with N332 and Moneycorp.  We have always been great admirers of the hard work and dedication of the team of volunteers and are excited at the prospect of working together in the future to ensure safer roads.”
Send your questions about driving in Spain to n332@costablancapeople.com
Don’t forget you can find more advice about driving in Spain at www.facebook.com/DrivingSpain and from the website N332.es

New International library in Blue Lagoon

Las Filipinas Neighbourhood Association, which covers the area between Orihuela Costa and San Miguel de Salinas, has spearheaded a number of new activities at Las Filipinas Social Centre, which is located in Blue Lagoon. These include: Spanish lessons, fitness classes and community groups – and now thanks to the agreement of San Miguel councillor María José Costa, the building will now also house an international library.
Although there is no funding to buy books, the association hopes that local residents will donate books that they no longer need, in any language, to get the collection started.
The centre already hosts a fun community Mother and Toddler group each Wednesday and Fridays from 10.00am to 12noon, which costs only €2 per family, for details call 654 457 743. Every Tuesday there is a fitness class which is ideal for those with limited mobility or movement issues from 10.30am, for more details call Sue on 692 354 295 or email suzi4fitz@yahoo.com
The association has arranged for Spanish lessons to be taught at the Social Centre from yesterday, Monday 6th February, and there are favourable rates for residents. There will be two beginners’ groups and two intermediate, with the beginners’ classes taking place on Mondays and Thursdays from 09.30am to 11.00am and intermediate on the same days from 12noo to 1.30pm. The teacher is Terri Hughes, and for more information call on 672 836 539 or email: terrihughesterri55@gmail.com
The centre also has petanca courts, computers with internet access and wi-fi and table tennis and the association is encouraging residents to submit their own suggestions for events and activities at the centre that will help to bring the community together. Please submit any ideas either to the Facebook page ‘Asociación Vecinos Las Filipinas’ or email Sra Costa (in Spanish) to: mjcostamedrano@icaorihuela.com

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