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Vicente García stand bites the dust

The councillor for sports, Victor Ferrández, has announced that the firm
contracted to demolish the main stand at Torrevieja’s football stadium has
begun its business. The work started with the demolition of the roof and a
crane has been sent in to dismantle it. The main indoor grandstand and
changing rooms are all due to be demolished and there will be disconnection
of all utilities.
Asbestos also needs to be removed from the site which will be left good
following the removal work. The demolition is expected to be complete by the
end of August. There are plans to replace some of the facilities and to ensure
that the team has somewhere they can play in future.
Councillor Ferrández has explained that in the new football season it is hoped
that the field will be back to normal and that the second phase can begin of
drafting a new project which will allow for new seating to be developed and
the stadium to have more modern facilities.
The need to demolish the stand and team locker room is nothing new. In 2014
it was recognised that there were deficiencies in the building work and a
technical report suggested that measures should be taken to limit the use of
the stand and accompanying locker room.
The stand did not, in fact, have a licence and it would have been too
complicated to have made the corrections necessary to enable one to be
applied. Instead it was decided that demolition and rebuilding would be a
better option. A minor contract has now been issued for a drafting of the
project and work is being carried out following the approval of the 2018

Footie for Tasha

The Fun Football Event at San Fulgencio Stadium on 27th August raised €3,442.10 for
Tasha's Mitochondria Appeal. Some of the action – and all of the music – was broadcast by
Richie Sparks of BIG fm, who also conducted a live interview with Peter Nicholas.
The match began with a minutes silence in respect of the recent events in Barcelona and an
amazing rendition of Nessun Dorma was sung by Britain's Got Talent entrant, Nikki G, who
stunned the crowd with her beautiful singing.
The match ended with the score line: Tasha's XI  2,  Police & Public Services XI – which
included players from the Veterans Football Team of Rojales Sports Club – 5. Tasha's XI
goal-scorers, Jimmy Tarquin-Bolds and Mathew Steer, each spotted the opposition goal-
keeper too far off his line and knocked in almost identical lobs from a good 40 yards out!
Former Arsenal and Welsh International, who coached Tasha's 33-strong Squad said,
“Tasha's boys were fantastic and it was a pleasure to coach them. They had had only one
previous training session together. With more time, I could certainly fashion a formidable
team from the available talent.”
Team Captain, Gary Thorley added: “The match was played in a great spirit of camaraderie;
the Spanish team were both friendly and enthusiastic. They are to be congratulated on their
participation and their win. I think every player on the pitch enjoyed playing for Tasha!”
The three day trip to Cuenca, donated by David's Coaches S.L., together with the
anonymously added €100, was won by Mr Kevin Kennedy, known to many locals for his
Quiz Nights & Music Presentations. He bought his winning programme at a separate fund-
raiser for Tasha, which was hosted by The Bar Stop on La Marina Urbanisation.
The San Fulgencio Town Hall played a huge part in facilitating this event. In particular, La
Marina Urbanisation's Councillor Paulino Herrero's assistance was greatly appreciated.
“…and the co-operation and assistance afforded by the groundsman, Lorenzo, was priceless!”
added one of the organising team, “…furthermore, Lorenzo's son, Julian, actually took a stint
in goal for Tasha's side!”
Mrs Ellen Scammell of M.U.N.A. has suggested that a photo album of the event be compiled
and given to Tasha as a memento of the day. So, anyone with suitable-quality photographs is,
therefore, asked to send them to: tom.whitmore@outlook.es
The total funds raised by the match includes €1,000 from The Hope and Christian Fellowship
group of La Marina, who will present the money after their Service on Sunday 3rd
September. Tasha's dad, Andy Lynch said: “Tasha was not well enough to go, really, but she
was there for around 45 minutes. That took a lot out of her, but she had insisted that I take
her. She wanted to see some of the people that help her enjoying themselves. I'll probably be
in trouble with her medical team, but Tasha is a very determined young woman, thankfully.
Our family are so grateful to everyone who helps Tasha.”
To make a donation tohelp Tasha’s get the urgent treatment she needs visit:
www.gofundme.com/w48en-tashas- mitochondrial-treatment.

Football tournament against racism

Football is perhaps more often associated with racism than standing up
against it. Now Torrevieja town hall are hoping to reverse the trend by holding
their own mundialito or ‘world cup’ against racism on the 16 th September. It is
planned that eight mixed teams will take part.
The tournament is not only being held to raise awareness of racism and
xenophobia but also to promote gender equality through sport and to support
the local volunteers who help children with special needs. The tournament
was announced by Councillor Victor Ferrández and is supported by the
University of Alicante.
The tournament will take place in the town sports’ facilities as part of the
campaign ‘Torrevieja para Todas’ or ‘Torrevieja for everyone’. Councillor
Ferrández states; ‘This is the first football tournament to raise awareness of
the dangers of racism and xenophobia in football.’ It is an unusual event but
one that is hoped to convey a very important message and denounce
continuous discrimination.
The teams will be mixed in order to also draw attention to gender equality in
sport. Those taking part will donate two euros per player and this contribution
will go towards APANEE which is the parents’ association who raise money
for children with special needs.
There will be a football exhibition with participants from both the male and
female teams of Alicante University and Torrevieja Football Club. Being held
at the beginning of September, those taking part will not find it easy to play.
They, along with their sponsors, recognise the value of an event such as this
and it is hoped that more combined sporting events will take place in the
If you’re interested in taking part then you can email deportes@torrevieja.eu .
Registration closes on the 10 th September.

Tales from the Top Flight

Cards on the table. I am as bad at football predictions as Paul Merson. We know this, this isn’t new news. When Everton led against Leicester I saw my FA Cup winning ticket potentially falling short at the 3rd Round stage – just like every season. Yeah, I am saying it loud and proud. Claudio is going to win the cup. Revenge tasted very sweet to Musa has he defied his critics and chewed up the Toffees. Aren’t Everton supposed to be decent and challenging for the top six? I am sure someone said that somewhere. Leicester have had a lot of experience of being behind this season, and this time they turned it round. Leicester for the cup I tell you.
Or Arsenal. It could be Arsenal. I mean, something has to go right for Arsene soon if only to shut up the likes of Piers Morgan. The sight of Olivier Giroud leading the troops out to battle at Preston didn’t calm the nerves of many an Arsenal fan but the point that Giroud is actually a very good player shone through yet again. He gets a lot of grief, but he is carrying Arsenal on his beautifully chiseled shoulders currently. And, you are only allowed to win the FA Cup if you have nearly been knocked out by a lower level side.
Rooney had been one goal shy of Sir Bob’s record for quite a while. Not because he has been unable to find the net, more because he has been unable to get on the pitch long enough during United’s resurgent run. Still, José trusted Wayne against a Reading side that were, to put it nicely, somewhat open at the back and the England skipper wasted little time in kneeing home the goal that, as a good friend of mine beautifully put it, it meant we can stop seeing obligatory shots of Bobby Charlton in the stands every time Rooney goes close. Mind you, he has only drawn level so we might have to go through the rigmarole at least one more time. United won easily, scoring four in a game yet again this season.
Pep admitted to the media over the weekend that he has made mistakes since coming to England. I’d agree, that flat cap the other week was a shocker. City made no mistakes in dispatching West Ham on Friday night. 5-0 flattered Bilic’s side who will no doubt console themselves by trying to buy another well known name for a fraction of their true value. Fans, even West Ham ones, are not stupid enough to fall for that lame attempt at PR Lady Brady. They are not Apprentice contestants.
Surely by now someone has made a banner saying “Hughes Out?” No? Let me get my sewing machine out. I am no Stoke fan, but he is ruining that club. They used to have an identity, something about going there on a windy Tuesday night was supposed to turn even the likes of a primetime Roy Keane weak at the knees. Now they roll over at home to Wolves and have their tummy tickled. Stoke could have had a run in the FA Cup and it’s not as if they have any interest in qualifying for the Europa League via the Premier League. For a man who won the cup many times, it was a poor show from Hughes and Stoke.
Mind you, WBA were also a surprise. I know of at least one person that tipped them as the dark horses to lift the trophy at Wembley and they contrived to lose to a team managed by Steve Mc. That is never a good sign. Though it was refreshing to see, once again, the complete lack of impartiality from Paul Ince on live TV when he heard his son’s free kick had gone in. Incey has had more to smile about from his kid’s lower level career than from his own managerial one, that’s for sure.
Could we all be wrong about Marco Silva? “Who?” some of you might still be asking. The new man at Hull, the one who was nailed on to fail before he even turned up. Well, they beat Swansea on his debut. Mind you, imagine his relief when he saw he was playing Swansea in his first game, a team that would really rather not leave Wales if possible.
Big Sam is still looking at the bottom of a pint of wine for his first win as Palace manager. In fact, might there be another vacancy at a different Palace before Sam gets a victory? He went to Bolton, his old haunt, and gave his old crowd a reminder of how dire the football was under him at times in a 0-0 draw.
A week is a long time in football, as Eddie Howe will now testify. With 20 minutes to go against Arsenal he was riding on the crest of a wave and was about to be the new Arsenal, England and PSG manager combined before the season was out. Days later, having thrown away a 3-0 lead to the Arsenal, he was getting dumped out of the FA Cup 3-0 by Millwall. Ouch.
Norwich have been terrible recently. Yes, a little Championship knowledge on show for you there. Mind you, Southampton have been a little ropey themselves so a 2-2 draw was probably about right all in all.
Social media went into a brief little meltdown as Liverpool’s youth team failed to beat an experienced, in form League Two side in Plymouth. Kloppo will not have wanted an evening trip to the south coast, but his youngsters have rarely failed him so you can understand the gamble. The same people were criticising Plymouth for turning up playing for a point and celebrating getting it. Hang on, isn’t that what United did?
Conte also rolled the dice, giving Michy Batshuyai a very rare start. He repaid his manager with a goal. Conte also gave John Terry a rare start. He repaid his manager with a red card. Is that it for JT? Probably. Still, with Costa, Hazard and Moses on the bench Chelsea eased past Peterborough 4-1.
Spurs defender Ben Davies managed to do what Vincent Janssen looked very unlikely to achieve all day, and that was head the ball past the Villa goalkeeper. It was just like last season for Villa, as they failed to win away from home against Premier League opposition.
Can you imagine how bad the nil-nil between Sunderland and Burnley must have been?

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