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Open day for the animal shelter

On the 30 th September it will be your chance to take a look at the animals
currently housed in Torrevieja’s animal shelter. The shelter is constantly in
demand for animals abandoned or dumped by their owners or found to have
been abused and in need of a new home. The open day will run from 11am to
Although those running the shelter do their very best to ensure that the
animals are as comfortable as possible, this is not a home. Volunteers walk
the dogs but for many of these animals who have been used to being the
family pet, the stay in the shelter is a traumatic one.
The Albergue’s aim is to match dogs and cats as quickly as possible with a
potential home. Councillor Carmen Morate is responsible for the shelter. ‘It’s
been a long hard summer for the abandoned animals,’ she explained. ‘And
there’s been a lot of work to do for the volunteers who have been trying to find
homes for them all.’
The shelter is located on calle Nenúfares and the shelter or Albergue is at the
end. Those coming to the open day will have chance to look around and see
the dogs and cats who are hoping to be homed. There will also be a workshop
for children and adults, an information table about volunteering at the shelter
and also about the association that supports the animals there; ‘Asociación
Animalista de Torrevieja’.
‘At the moment we have 35 dogs,’ says Councillor Morate. ‘They will be out
on parade on this day. There will also be a stand with vegan food and those
who come can also see the cattery where there are 30 cats who are waiting
for adoption.’
If you are not able to attend on the day but are interested in adopting a dog or
a cat then you can also visit the ‘Asociación Animalista de Torrevieja’
Facebook page where new arrivals are posted and people are kept informed
about those needing adoption.

International tapas day

The participating restaurants in international tapas day on the 30 th September
have been announced. There will be opportunity to choose different tapas and
a drink for €2.50 between the hours of 12pm and 4.30pm and 7.30pm and
The event is described as an opportunity for both residents and visitors to
enjoy the tapas tradition. Altogether 29 establishments are taking part and
must offer at least two tapas each. The day is similar to las rutas de la tapas
and is considered to be particularly attractive to the foreign residents in
Torrevieja who can explore the town’s bars and restaurants by sampling just a
little from each.
The majority of the establishments taking part are in the centre of the town.
They include:
 Restaurante Las Flores Playa
 Restaurante La Mata “Felisa”
 Restaurante Nikol
 Restaurante Luz de Mar
 La Bodeguilla del Mullin’s
 Mung Tavern
 Restaurante Las Columnas
 Copas & Tapas
 La Cantina Food & Drinks
 Namm & Gastronomic
 Bar Tapería Los Zamoranos
 Restaurante Bahía
 Burger Hombre del Mar
 Hostal Belén
 La Marisquería de Torrevieja
 Restaurante Rincón de Capis
 Amura Mala Vida
 Restaurante La Encina
 Restaurante Bar Tapas Catalina II
 Bar Casa Juani
 El Rincón de las Jarras
 Bar Heladería Mediodía 23
 Cafetería Mediterráneo
 Restaurante Love Chocolate
 Mesón La Huertica
 Mesón Real
 Restaurante Nautilus
 Restaurante El Cortijo de Nacho
 El Rincón de Sara